Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Still working on that afghan

I haven't had a ton of time in the past few days to crochet on my blue baby blanket. I am involved in a few committees for our local library. I've been on my toes and going and doing. We are having a plant sale fundraiser on April 28 and so as the date gets closer the more there is to do. I'm also on the Friends of the Library committee and volunteered last week to become the secretary. Soooo I'm trying to stay organized with all the different things going on. LOL. Plus I'm trying to get things made to put on my Etsy store. Head? Spinning? Ummmmm, just a little. On top of all that I just started up a website to sell my crochet. It's called Shari's Handmade Crochet. Check it out and let me know what you think so far. I've got alot to add but it's a beginning.


Miranda said...

Love the website. It looks great.

Do you ever sleep?? LOL Sounds like you are running from sun up to sun down. Sounds like a great thing you are foing though.

Have a greek week.

Shari said...

Thanks Miranda. I am going from sun up to sun down. LOL. I use to say I was bored but I sure can't say that anymore. LOL. I have another meeting at the Library again today. I do have to say I really do enjoy it that's for sure!