Monday, March 5, 2007

What day is it?

Gosh I can't believe how the days fly by lately! Here I am working on my dishcloths and thought I had more time before I had to make my 2 squares for the Delightful Discloth swap. They need to be out by the 15th and here it is the 5th!!! They don't take long and I only need to make 2 but I don't like waiting til last minute. I guess I better get moving on them.

I am also involved in our local libraries flower fundraiser. It's in April and I made up the flyers for it this year. This is the first time for me with this fundraiser since we just moved to this town. I am enjoying helping out. I need to print out 550 of these flyers and am waiting on one more thing I might need to add to the flyer. I have to have 350 printed out in another week to give to the boro manager so he can have them put in with the water bill for people to see. I hope I am contacted soon about adding to the flyer. Hmmmmm.

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